4 Steps to Spray Paint Your Music Studio

In case you haven’t heard, spray painting is the new trend. It saves time, thereby allowing you to rock the studio with your music faster. No matter what type of music your band plays, a music studio is a necessity for practice, recordings, and meetings. So how should you paint your studio?

In Your Ear Studios

  1. Choose the color/s. It’s best to relate the color of your music studio with the type of music you play. After all, it would be weird to paint your studio pink if you play metal. If your songs are calm and mellow, settle with light colors such as white, light blue, and mint green. If your band plays songs about power and sophistication, go for violet or purple. If most of your songs are jolly or country, light yellow is the color for you. If you’re in a band that plays love songs, obviously, go for red or pink. If you’re an alternative rock, rock, or metal band, go for black. You can settle with green if your songs are energetic or if they’re about ambition, envy, and nature. If you play classical songs, go for the different colors of wood. Note that darker colors make the room smaller, but you can always solve that with complementary lights. You can also combine colors but be careful about the combination. If you want to save money for lights, it’s best to have a light-colored music studio. Lastly, if you can’t decide, it’s probably best to settle with earth tones or neutral colors with a few accented walls (e.g. gray and white + light yellow as an accent color).
  2. Prepare the ceiling and the walls. Do this by cleaning the ceiling and the walls thoroughly with soap and water. Make sure you fill the gaps and cracks too! Otherwise, they’ll still show up even after you paint.
  3. Music StudioStart painting. When you paint a room, start with the ceiling, then paint the walls one at a time. After painting the ceiling and the walls, paint the floor. When you paint the floor, you don’t have to apply the square method; just paint in rows. You can also add shapes and patterns that could help set the mood in the studio. Tip: Use paint shields and wall stencils!
  4. Let the paint dry completely. Give the room at least 24 hours to dry before you use it. It may look like it’s dry, but it isn’t. It’s also ideal to paint your cabinets that complement the color of your music studio.

That’s it! Now even your music studio is a work of art!

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