The Impressive Art of Archery

As we unravel the art of archery, I deemed it very commendable to check the crossbow reviews and get more inspired of what archery weapon to choose.

ArcheryWhat an inspiring thought. Archers are artists, archery is art. I’m touched by the sublime and with great dignity.

How did the primitive people hit their target animals? This could be a showcase of amazing power, sensible expressions, and emotions. Every stage of the process of hunting with bows and arrows could give us an awesome display of deep emotions and feelings.

Oh, pretty well, there is art in archery. Archery is art. The intricate designs of the bows and arrows speak the complex yet elegant art. The techniques of aiming for a bull’s eye requires focus, determination, patience and unique style. Hence, archery is not just an engaging sport but also an appealing art.

Eugene Herrigel,  a German philosophy professor, shared  in his book Zen in the Art of Archery his great experiences of studying Kyudo. It is a form of Japanese archery. His discussions would take the readers to other artistic dimensions of archery. He further inspired us of his thoughts about the subtle spiritual connections in archery.

The concept of becoming an archer begins with an idea, then it turns out to be something great for it is not done with perfection but with great love.  As what Eugene Herrigel shared about archery that one should not think of what he has to do, nor consider how to carry it out. The shot will just be blown smoothly and “thwack”, it takes the archer by surprise.

Well, this is what makes this engaging sport very appealing. Everyone can do it. Everyone can enjoy doing it. You don’t need to be an expert to get the whole stuff. A deep appreciation of the sport itself creates a great impact of the ART within you.