What Music Is Really Like


For some people, music is the window to the soul. But for other people, especially Irish bands like Klonakilty, music is more than just a window to a soul.

Music is history.

Music doesn’t only represent a story. Music also represents the history of a story. All those emotions you’ve felt before you came up with a story and all those experiences you’ve gone through before you came up with a story is the music itself – seen by those who can simply relate to it and heard by those who can truly relate to it.

All those people who inspire you and all those people who hurt you, as well as what other people have done and what you’ve done to other people, also play big roles in your music – telling your story, your history, in a different perspective and in a new way. It’s also just like birdwatching with a spotting scope, where you get to know more about a bird as you look closer into the scope.

Music is culture.

A music genre doesn’t only represent a story’s tone. A music theme also doesn’t only represent a story’s core. Both represent the culture of a story. All those tools upon writing a story and all those materials while writing a story is the music itself – used by those who saw how great a culture truly is and unified by those who experienced how great cultures truly are.

All those people you met and all those people who met you, as well as what things you’ve experienced with them and what things they experienced with you, also play big roles in your music – telling your story, your culture, in the most vibrant way possible. It’s just like whalewatching in an exclusive island, where you get to see and experience firsthand how wonderful life in the ocean truly is.

Most of all, music is you.

Your history + your culture = your story – and ultimately, your music. It represents who you are, what you’ve gone through, what you are capable of, and what your dreams are. It represents what’s in your heart, as well as what’s in your mind and what’s in your soul. It also represents the people around you, as well as the people who love you and even the people who hurt you.

Music, as a whole, is you.

What do you think music is really like? Share your thoughts with us below!

Ireland’s Best Musical Instruments

Irish music has been known for centuries. Their unique sense of music has been with us since day one. They create beautiful music using their fascinating instruments.

To know more about the Ireland’s traditional instruments, we’ll give you some of the Ireland’s best musical instruments!

Uilleann Pipes

This musical instrument produces a sweet sound.

This is one of the most popular instruments in Ireland. It has a different harmonic structure and sounds quieter than other bagpipes. Learning this instrument could be difficult as it requires focus and dedication to properly play it.



Even Angels Play This Instrument!

Harp is a stringed instrument. The instrument of choice for angels. That makes it pretty cool.

You’ll need to use your fingers to pluck and play it. There are smaller and bigger harps. Just pick the one that will fit you. The original Irish harp is quite smaller and has steel strings. The Library of Trinity College has an authentic Irish harp.


A common Irish flute is created from wood with 6 holes. Being made from wood, it requires extra care to maintain its life. Some Irish musicians often swab the bore with a tiny amount of almond oil to keep the flute lubricated.

Ireland’s provides us an exceptional musical experience. Their music is one of the best things you could listen to. The instruments they have created and used have become a part of our daily life. The Irish’s creativity and musical ability are what makes them unique!

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Peace out and thanks for reading!

Irish Music

Irish music is quite distinctive and it has influenced different genres in the states. It travelled to the YOU in the 1800s when thousands of people emigrated to Chicago, Boston and New York as a result of famine and deprivation in Eire.

Irish music tells the story from the people in good times and in bad. There was an excellent collection brought out about two decades ago entitled “Bringing It All Home: The Influence of Irish Music ” which contained use many of the Irish songs that were popularised in American Culture including Kilkelly, The Lakes of Pontchertain and Sonny. Kilkelly is one of your saddest songs ever written comprising letters coming from a father to his son within England starting in 1860 to see him the news about deaths from the family and saying how good it would be to see the son yet again.

Irish music was revived in america in the 1960s by your Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem having songs like Will Ye Proceed Lassie Go and Roddy Mc Corley. In fact the Clancy Brothers were an influence on the young Bob Dylan ‘s folk singing style. The following instruments are often used in Irish traditional songs – fiddle, guitar, uileann pipe joints, accordion (piano or button, bodhran, flute, tin whistle, harp and possibly piano. For me one of the most wonderful sounds is the voice : Sean Keane singing Ellis Area or Sinead O Connor performing from her 2002 album Sean Nos Nua. Sean nos refers to the traditional Irish way of singing to create comhaille.

In the 1970s groups similar to Planxty and Clannad emerged with Clannad singing from the Irish language. I spent several summers in the Loch a great Iuir Gaeltacht in County Donegal and Clannad actually performed for the students in the college while i was there. I was only about 11 at that time – Teach Leo where that they been brought up was directly about 4 miles away in Crolly. I remember they were good – this became before Enya achieved massive world-wide acclaim with her album Watermark.

My spouse and i played the violin and piano myself but I learned conventional music at school. My grandaddy, James Eddie Mc Cluskey from County Monaghan played the fiddle and he taught me some Irish tunes – The Boys from the Bluehill and The Dawning from the Day. He always talked about “An Chualainn” which i have just been able to find played on-line. The wonders of modern engineering!

Traditional Irish music has also been fused with rock and roll and this started in your 1970s with Horslips, Thin Lizzy, The Pogues and Rory Gallagher – probably the most famous recent songs is Fairytale of Big apple which Shane Mc Gowan primary performed with Kirsty Mc Coll within 1987. U2, Van Morrison, The Cranberries and The Corrs are all groups which are very successful in recent decades.

Sing an Irish Song, the Right Way

If you’re Irish and you want your voice being heard where do you head to sing an Irish song? This is a more complicated question than to start with it appears. Irish music has many sides, traditions, and etiquettes. It’s important to know the differences. The Irish music community could be a tight-knit group, non musicians are confused when trying to sing or participate in the Irish session. Your first step would be to educate yourselves on these variances.

Most true Irish sessions are built around tunes and music, instead of words or lyrics. Think of jigs and reels, as opposed to folks singing songs between the two. The session players stay true towards the tune and try to do justice towards the music. There is on a function the opportunity to sing an Irish song in a traditional Irish music session, but in most cases from a regular. These tracks are less well-known, sometimes sung in Irish or inside Sean-nos tradition. So a real Irish session isn’t the ideal spot to sing your Irish people song.

You find yourself on the local pub and a wonderful little band is playing your chosen traditional Irish folk music. This for certain will be your chance for you to let a song out, not fast. These guys are executing, they are paid by who owns the pub to entertain your crowd and keep them having and drinking. There may be a chance to sing a song but then you’ve got to be good.

What you are searhing for is an Irish singing program, singers session, or singsong program. These are specifically set up for those to sing their favorite Irish track, provided they follow a handful of rules.

There will be someone the boss of the session, they normally look for a song from people they will know. They also will get rid of invitations to add a track, they are subtly in charge.
Watch and get a feel for the group, it’s important to show patience, sing along with a chorus or two and luxuriate in your fellow singers.
You need not be a great singer, I once heard a female sing a song in Cork Ireland in europe, she had the worst voice and the best performance while doing so.
Know the words. Nobody likes to put up with a new singer to their group that fumbles from the songs and has more apologies than choruses.
When your the perfect time to sing your Irish song occurs, sing a song you appreciate and commit.
Find yourself a singer’s session and let in which Irish song out, I can’t think of an easier way to spend the evening. If you’re having trouble finding a singers session, find a few fellow Irish song lovers and begin one at home.