Ireland’s Best Musical Instruments

Irish music has been known for centuries. Their unique sense of music has been with us since day one. They create beautiful music using their fascinating instruments.

To know more about the Ireland’s traditional instruments, we’ll give you some of the Ireland’s best musical instruments!

Uilleann Pipes

This musical instrument produces a sweet sound.

This is one of the most popular instruments in Ireland. It has a different harmonic structure and sounds quieter than other bagpipes. Learning this instrument could be difficult as it requires focus and dedication to properly play it.



Even Angels Play This Instrument!

Harp is a stringed instrument. The instrument of choice for angels. That makes it pretty cool.

You’ll need to use your fingers to pluck and play it. There are smaller and bigger harps. Just pick the one that will fit you. The original Irish harp is quite smaller and has steel strings. The Library of Trinity College has an authentic Irish harp.








A common Irish flute is created from wood with 6 holes. Being made from wood, it requires extra care to maintain its life. Some Irish musicians often swab the bore with a tiny amount of almond oil to keep the flute lubricated.

Ireland’s provides us an exceptional musical experience. Their music is one of the best things you could listen to. The instruments they have created and used have become a part of our daily life. The Irish’s creativity and musical ability are what makes them unique!

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Peace out and thanks for reading!

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